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Gladious - hrosty - 09-02-2005

I have several gladoulus and I just love them but when they start to bloom they fall over. Does any one have a solution to this problem. Thank you.

Re: Gladious - KimmSr - 09-14-2005

I have to stake my Glads every year and that is the only way to keep the from flopping over.

Re: Gladious - hrosty - 09-20-2005

What do you use to stake your glads?

Re: Gladious - Angels4me - 09-21-2005

I had to stake mine, too. I got plastic stakes (3 ft. tall) at Lowe's in the garden dept.
This is my first year w/Glads. Do I HAVE to dig them up?

Re: Gladious - Star - 09-26-2005

If you live in colder zones then you have to dig the bulbs up.
I use stakes one on each end and a couple in the middle of the roll and use gardening string tyed to the stakes running on each side of the plants.I think this is less work and saves time then staking each plant but this depends on the number of plants you have,if just a few then stake individually.But I plant over 25 bulbs so this method works for me.

Re: Gladious - Angels4me - 09-27-2005

I live in central Ohio - does that qualify as 'colder' zone? I'm not sure....

Re: Gladious - KimmSr - 09-30-2005

I have some small sections of rebar, concrete reinforcing rod, that is used to hold the Christmas decorations in place so I use those. Use what ever fairly rigid and small diameter pole, pipe, stick you have. I know people that cut fiberglass bicycle flag poles to size.

Re: Gladious - hrosty - 09-30-2005

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it. I will let you know next year how it works out. Thank you!