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weed block fabric - heinzmann - 05-31-2006

I'm putting in a new plant bed. Do I need to put that black weed block fabric before adding mulch or is that stuff just a gimic?

Re: weed block fabric - sanders - 07-24-2006

Ilive in an area where there are a lot of weeds. I always use the weed block fabric before I add the mulch and it works well to to keep the weeds out. The weeds will sometimes come up around the edges of the fabric and a little Roundup takes care of them. Good luck

Re: weed block fabric - Dstny1957 - 07-30-2006

I will put it down on my pathways etc. But in my garden beds I tend to move plants around sometimes and I found it to be a pain. I had to cut a new hole thru the fabric etc. I agree w/the previous poster though, if you have a very weeded area, it probably would be worthwhile. It works great on my pathways.

Re: weed block fabric - KimmSr - 08-01-2006

How well that landscape fabric works depends on what it is. The cheap, thin material sold in most garden centers is not really worth the cost because it is too thin, you can see through it. The more expensive, thicker material works quite well as does newspaper or carboard which are much less expensive. Since all you need is something to kill the weeds that exist the newspaper or cardboard works very well and adds some organic matter to the soil, something the synthetic fabric will not do.

Re: weed block fabric - terrycedar - 01-13-2008

Just use newspaper its alot cheaper. and works. Its part of being green. [color:red] [/color]