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help with plant selection - judyiowa - 06-08-2006

Any suggestions of plants to grow here, or how to spruce it up? A major obstacle though is that we have dairy cows who walked to the right of the rocks at least twice a day. They like to munch on green and pretty colors. THANKS!

**My apologies; I can't figure out how to get the picture to actually show up in this post. If you copy the address, paste in a new page, it will show up that way. Sorry!

Re: help with plant selection - LMJguy - 06-11-2006

If it were mine...I would probably clear a fairly good sized area in front of the rocks..planting something tall, a mass of black eye's susans or coneflowers perhaps, allowing the upper part of the rock to be seen. I'm not really up to date on plants that are "cowproof"

Here in Virgina, many plant places are already selling perennials in some cases, half price. I don't know about your way of course, but it's a great time to "stock up"..take advantage of those sales.

Re: help with plant selection - amber - 06-11-2006

try planting some jasmine i know it is deer resistant and maybe it will work the same way on your cows whatever you do just to plant anything in the mint family especially perilla because it is deadly to livestock