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Globe Thistle - SueO - 10-03-2006

Does anyone know why my globe thistle won't flower?? I planted it a couple years ago and the leaves come up every year and the leaves have gotten larger every year but no signs of flowers (this is the third summer). I have them on the south side of my house (zone 5). The leaves look very healthy but like I said, no signs of flowers at all. What's up with that?

Re: Globe Thistle - 2bizzy2care - 10-04-2006

maybe you have put too much plant food on it? I know that there are several plants that actually do better without any amendments

Re: Globe Thistle - IntrepidMeredith - 10-04-2006

My globe thistle is also on the south side of the house (zone 4), in horrible soil. I do nothing to it at all, and it blooms very well for me.

Re: Globe Thistle - Dwaine_Gipe - 10-21-2007

I suspect you are loving it to much in some manor. They seem to require no care and minimal soil condition to thrive just fine.