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"Wand Flower" Gaura Lindheimeri - ConnieRT - 11-03-2006

I am trying to find out if this perennial is safe to plant in Zone 5 - Northern Indiana. If not, has anyone had success in keeping it as a houseplant here in the winter...
Any and all information is greatly appreciated as it is a beautiful plant, and as it was a gift we have no information on it at all!


Re: "Wand Flower" Gaura Lindheimeri - KimmSr - 12-18-2006

A native of the USA - Mexico border but hardy to zone 5 and prefers full sun and a lighter, well drained soil. Some sources list this as somewhat weedy (read invasive), although I've not yet looked at the invasive species lists.

Re: "Wand Flower" Gaura Lindheimeri - pati - 03-05-2007

I have Guara "Karalee" in Western New York (zone 5). I don't know how much different it is from your variety but I've had it growing ourside for 3 years and it is fine so far. I don't find it to be invasive either.