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What is eating my Bee Balm? - Guest - 03-31-2007

Can anyone tell me what is making holes in the leaves of my Bee Balm?

Re: What is eating my Bee Balm? - IntrepidMeredith - 04-05-2007

How big and numerous are the holes? I assume you're not finding any insects on the plants during the day (be sure to check the undersides of the leaves). Could it be slugs coming out at night? Try putting out a trap board: lay a board on the ground between the plants overnight. The next day turn the board over. If it's slugs doing the damage, they'll probably be hiding on the underside of the board during the heat of the day. Be sure to check the ground under the board, too, as other 'pesty' insects may be hiding on the soil surface. Without an accurate identification of the pest, it's difficult to recommend a specific way to control it. Sad

Re: What is eating my Bee Balm? - Guest - 04-08-2007

Thank you so much! I even read about the board idea lately and it still didn't don on me!
I am brand new to the forum and VERY SLOWLY figuring out how to find and post things. For instance, just now I did a search for plant marker ideas and that's how I found your answer to my Bee Balm question! Very frustrating!

RE: What is eating my Bee Balm? - Roma Mormon - 03-25-2019

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RE: What is eating my Bee Balm? - Weron - 04-03-2019

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RE: What is eating my Bee Balm? - Guest - 04-09-2019

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RE: What is eating my Bee Balm? - Roma Mormon - 07-30-2019

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RE: What is eating my Bee Balm? - Smartgirl - 09-03-2019

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