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Those $#!* Colorado Potato Beetles - LuvWesties - 07-15-2007

Last year I was infested somehow with Colorado Potato Beetles. They killed 2 rose bushes, a 3-year old gorgeous Black Knight Butterfly Bush and my Hibiscus that was 2-yrs old! We sprayed what the garden center (not Lowes, or Home Depot) but a real place told us to use, nothing.

I had hoped that the winter would kill the (insert your own explitive) things BUT they are BACK.

Has anyone found a way to get rid of them? Or have any suggestions?


Re: Those $#!* Colorado Potato Beetles - KimmSr - 07-17-2007

First lets be sure we are talking about the same thing, a Colorado Potato Beetle
or maybe a Japanese Beetle,
I've not ever found the CPB on any plants other than potatoes, but the JB's do like any other plant that is under stress.