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Cottonwood tree roots - Truffles - 08-01-2007

Roots from cottonwood trees are invading my lawn. They are unsightly and causing damage to mowers and gardens. Can anything be done short of cutting down the trees?

Re: Cottonwood tree roots - KimmSr - 12-15-2007

Anytime I see tree roots "coming to the surface" that tells me the soil is lacking organic matter. Tree roots do not come to the surface rather the soil shrinks and exposes them because the soil looses organic matter. Most often, if people would put the trees leaves back into the soil instead of raking them up, bagging them up, and throwing them away those tree leaves would supply sufficient organic matter to the soil so the tree roots would not "come to the surface". Mulch mow your trees leaves right back into the soil when they fall each year and, eventually, the soil will cover the trees roots again.