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puddlers for butterflies - Rita_Mae - 09-16-2007

Do any of my fellow gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts know where to purchase a puddler?
Many thanks,
... rita b

Re: puddlers for butterflies - dougy - 09-16-2007

What is a puddler?
you could look at (in St. Louis)

Re: puddlers for butterflies - Rita_Mae - 09-17-2007

Thank you, Dougy. However, butterflyhouse let me down. (sigh) A friend here in town has a puddler, which she describes as a shallow bird-bath-like thingy that has both water and mud for butterfly frolicking. I'll keep searching the Web but will probably end up trying to come up with a homemade one.
... rita b

Re: puddlers for butterflies - ms_moe_49 - 09-22-2007

Hi Rita...I googled butterfly puddler since i purchased one yesterday. I read your blog question. Did anyone have an answer for you? The store I bought mine was an antique shop...but the owner knows a woman who makes them...they are new...purchased for 24 dollars..I wanted to buy I might ask her for the makers name. Let me know if interested.

Re: puddlers for butterflies - Rita_Mae - 09-23-2007

Thank you, Dougy. Yes, please do try to track down the woman who makes the puddlers. I've fixed up an ersatz one but so far the butterflies are ignoring it. (sigh)
... rita b