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Apple tree - Garden2Luv - 01-21-2008

Those of you out there with an apple tree. Ever bag your apple to protect them from bugs and diseases??
I'm going to try this on some of my apples. I just hope it keeps my "friendly neighborhood" squirrel away as well as the bugs! This way one of the articals in the Feb. issue as well.

Re: Apple tree - gardenymph - 01-29-2008

Hi Garden2luv,
My grandfather taught me the bag trick many years ago and I have had good success with bugs on my 2 mac trees...squirrels on the other hand...keep dreaming, if they want it, they'll take it.

Northeastern Massachusetts

Re: Apple tree - Garden2Luv - 01-30-2008

Thanks for the info garenymph. I'll give it a whirl.