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attack of the lace bugs - gardenymph - 01-27-2008

Last year, I had a terrible infestation of lace bugs. They devoured my asters and achilleas just to name a few. Any thoughts on green ways to resolve this. Desperation resulted in insecticidal soap to no avail! I am in Massachusetts.

Re: attack of the lace bugs - KimmSr - 01-28-2008

Lace bugs, and there are many species that are plant specific, can be a problem on plants growing in full sun, something they seem to prefer. A sharp water stream can be used to knock the nymphs and egg masses off the plants and insecticidal soaps are a very good control, as long as they make direct contact with the wee buggers in all stages of development. Have a good, reliable soil test done becasue these buggers are also more likely to go after plants not in quite good health.

Re: attack of the lace bugs - gardenymph - 01-29-2008

Thank you KimmSr. I have been gardening for a lot of years and haven't done a soil test. Your suggestion is finally motivating me to do so. This is my first encounter with lace bugs...are they cooling their heels in my soil waiting to reemerge this spring?

Northeastern Massachusetts