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Screening Out Neighbors' Backyards - DLissious - 02-23-2008

I have neighbors on two sides of me that pile up their junk along the border of our properties. On the south side of my yard the neighbor has a large garage that throws shade onto the area where I would like to put a garden to screen out their "stuff." What large plants (other than evergreens) that will grow in the shade would make a good screen?

Re: Screening Out Neighbors' Backyards - Linda_D - 02-26-2008

If you are willing to put up some kind of support, vines might be a good choice. The first that comes to mind is Virginia creeper. It will grow in shade or sun and will cover a wire fence or ramble over "stuff" like a stone wall, a stump, your neighbor's junk, etc. You might also try a climbing hydrangea. I have one growing along the fence near my garage and it gets a lot of shade there because of the nearby tree. Mine is a lace-cap that was mislabeled as a climbing version of 'Annabelle', so I don't know the variety, but it blooms reliably and prolifically every year at 1450 ft elevation in ZONE 5.

For non-evergreen shrubs, you might consider viburnum and dogwood species as well as tartarian (sp) honeysuckle, which are frequently found along forest edges and tolerate shade.

Re: Screening Out Neighbors' Backyards - MysticDakota - 03-21-2008

I have had wonderful luck with an Oakleaf Hydrangea in the shade. It gets some early morning sun but the rest of the day it is in shade. It has bloomed there for 2 years now. We are in zone 6. Hope that helps.