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Trumpet Vine - Linda_D - 02-26-2008

I love trumpet vines because they attract hummingbirds, but orange isn't my color since where I want to put it is in a garden with primarily reds/pinks/purples. In an old issue of Garden Gate from a couple of years ago, I saw a red trumpet vine as a new introduction, but I haven't had any luck finding a red trumpet vine in my usual garden catalogs. This leads me to believe that maybe this variety didn't turn out to be as good as first thought.

Does anyone have a red trumpet vine or know where to get one? If you do have this vine, does it have any "issues"? I garden in Zone 5 at an elevation of about 1450 feet, so it gets cold here in the winter and I'm concerned about it coming back every spring (the orange and yellows do fine here)!

Re: Trumpet Vine - gardenymph - 02-26-2008

Hi Linda D,

Red trumpet vines are beautiful. You may want to look for Campsis radicans 'Flamenco'. It is a deep red color and is supposed to be hardy to zone 4a. It is an easy grower and doesn't have "issues". As far as finding one, Lazy S'S Farm and Nursery and Rare Find Nursery both usually carry it.

Happy Gardening,
Northeastern Massachusetts

Re: Trumpet Vine - yohignez - 04-19-2008

Hi, I saw trumpet vines for sale on Home shopping network, Saw a purple one. Also try QVC.

Re: Trumpet Vine - Sagimoon - 04-21-2008

I saw the red trumpet vine plant for sale on Ebay. Happy Gardening!

Re: Trumpet Vine - Pippi - 04-28-2008

Trumpet vines are beautiful but they are like wisteria, they tend to take over. Be sure to plant this on a strong structure, a regular flimsy trellis won't do. The seed pods have a tendency to pop up wherever the wind blows them and you'll soon find little seedlings all over your lawn and other flower beds. The hummingbirds do love them and they are very showy. Be sure not to plant it close to the house, away from water pipes/lines. We had ours planted beside our storage shed, it grew up over the roof and the vines were so heavy, we had to tie it down on opposite side of the roof. Their vines are very strong and I mean very strong.