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Rhubarb - ValleyGirl - 05-16-2008

I need answers to how to deal with the large seed stalk that grows in the center of my rubarb roots each year. Should I cut them off or let them grow and why?? Also, should I cut the rubarb stalks or pull them from the base??

Re: Rhubarb - ValleyGirl - 05-16-2008

I just read some of the previous answers to similar questions and found I should cut seed heads off...thanks. Still I want to know if I should cut stalks or pull from base????
Valley Girl

Re: Rhubarb - IntrepidMeredith - 05-20-2008

I cut my stalks near the base instead of pulling them. Pulling and tearing could dislodge the plant from the soil, and will also leave a larger, ragged tear that would be more prone to infection than a straight, flat cut.