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Maximillian Sunflowers -- Help! - Rita_Mae - 06-21-2008

Last year I planted a dozen Maximillian Sunflowers and was pleased that they flourished. However, this year they are trying to take over the garden! My only recourse has been to pull the unwanted plants out as weeds.
Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so, how did you deal with the overpopulation problem?
Many thanks!

Re: Maximillian Sunflowers -- Help! - dtanderson - 10-21-2008

I don't know of any other solution than to pull the unwanted plants up. If you ever need anyone to take some off your hands, I would be glad to take some Smile

Re: Maximillian Sunflowers -- Help! - greenwoodstewart - 11-01-2008

Remember the old saying -- one years seeding, 7 years weeding. Any flower that is not in the right place is a weed. I am not familiar with the Mackimillian Sunflower It is not in any of my books. If you could enlighten me then I would be pleased. If it is multi head then all you have to do is regularly dead head as with all likewise plants of the same habit, saving the last few heads for next years seed. If you have any spare ground where you can just let them grow. Then think of the birds you will be feeding. Happy Gardening, From France

Re: Maximillian Sunflowers -- Help! - Rita_Mae - 11-07-2008

If only I could figure a way to get the plants from Indiana to North Carolina, I would be delighted to share them with you. Thank you for offering to take them off my hands.
... rita b

Re: Maximillian Sunflowers -- Help! - Rita_Mae - 11-07-2008

Well, the birds definitely like them. In fact, they LOVE them, which is probably why they have spread. There are so many blooms and the plants are so tall that there is no possible chance of deadheading.
There is one area where I am letting them do whatever they wish. Tomorrow we are going to dig up the plants that moved in where they are not wanted and then hope I can keep ahead of them next year.
Thank you for replying--and all the way from France!
... rita b