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new blues - gardenymph - 01-13-2009

Did anyone in zone 5-6 try any new flowers in blue or purple last year that did really well in part sun? Planning for spring and looking for something new and exciting!!

Northeast Massachusetts

Re: new blues - IntrepidMeredith - 01-26-2009

My favorite blues are Blue Clips Campanula, Blue Butterflies Delphinium (a mounding type, not a spike type delphinium), salvia (annual and perennial), and the herb borage. Borage is an annual and will reseed like crazy, so be warned!

Re: new blues - IntrepidMeredith - 03-01-2009

Also try Ultima Blue Morpho Pansies or the new Karner Blue Butterfly Pansies. Very beautiful, and very blue!

Re: new blues - Lark - 03-02-2009

Hi Gardenymph, A favorite annual in my Wisconsin zone4-5 garden was Supertunia 'Royal Velvet'. No deadheading required and took some drying out. Bloomed until a hard frost.

Re: new blues - Guest - 03-11-2009

most of my garden is in part shade and I grew Blue Butterfly delphinium. It was a beautiful blue! Unfortunately, it didn't come back and I haven't been able to find it locally again. But a gorgeous blue.

Re: new blues - IntrepidMeredith - 03-11-2009

I planted my Blue Butterflies from seed a few years ago. They bloomed the first season from seed (although I did start them indoors, about 10 weeks before my last frost date), and not only have they been thriving, but I started seeing self-sown seedlings last year! They are an outstanding true blue, although I noticed some of the new seedlings were sporting slightly different shades (mostly paler blues). Jung's Seeds lists them as being hardy to Zone 3. I'm in central Zone 4 & have them about 6' out from a south facing wall. They usually get decent snow cover, and sometimes I actually remember to cover them with leaves from my maple tree in the Fall.

If you go to you can order both seeds and plants there, or you can request a catalog. I've both ordered from their catalog and gone to local (Wisconsin) Jung's stores. They've been in business for over 100 years, and are very nice folks!

Re: new blues - gardenymph - 03-17-2009

Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas!! I am just chomping at the bit to get out in the dirt. I have lots of things already popping through the soil, looking for the warm March sun. Spring is just about here in Massachusetts!