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PVC Plant Light Stand - DebbieL - 03-09-2009

I had a set of plans to make a pvc pipe light stand for seed starting in a very early issue of Garden Gate magazine. Of course I need it again and it is lost - does anyone have it that they could scan and e-mail to me? Would greatly appreciate it!

Re: PVC Plant Light Stand - IntrepidMeredith - 03-11-2009

If you know what issue it was in, you could see if your local library has it. Most libraries these days are networked together, so even if your local library doesn't get Garden Gate, they can check around in their local system to find another library that does. Good luck!

RE: PVC Plant Light Stand - michellerodri - 01-15-2020

For me, I am using the PVC Plant Light Stand to grow vegetable, flower, and herb. It is in my garden. With the help of the PVC Plant Light Stand, I can give all the essential things that my plant needs view it now.

RE: PVC Plant Light Stand - RochelleClayton - 03-22-2020

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