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squash - gardenymph - 03-24-2009

Has anyone grown a pumpkin or squash (acorn or butternut)plant in a container? I am wondering if the root system may be too big for a container.

Northeastern Massachusetts

Re: squash - IntrepidMeredith - 03-28-2009

I haven't ever done this, but I imagine that if you used a large enough container, say an 18" diameter pot for the pumpkins, you should be OK. You can even train the vines up a trellis, but you'll need to support the fruits if they're heavy. Water and fertilize frequently, and probably put some flowering plants that the bees really love nearby, otherwise you'll need to hand fertilize the squash flowers to get any fruits. Good luck!

Re: squash - catscradle - 06-02-2009

It is really not the root system but the support of the heavy pumpkins once it starts production. I have grown the smaller acorn and yellow summer squash in the Tospy Turvy tomato device in which they grow hanging upside-down and it worked great. Hope you have much success!

Re: squash - StorageShedSmart - 04-07-2010

I have tried growing squash in a container once but it was not successful. I believe it needs more space. So, I had squash grown on my backyard vegetable garden. Now, I have a few squash ready for harvest.

Re: squash - BellaVega - 07-01-2010

My squash plants are huge in my garden. I'm growing pumpkins for the first year too and they are getting pretty big. I would think tomato plants, pepper plants and herbs are the best to grow in pots.