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fertilizing bulbs - jmax - 04-22-2009

I planted tulips, daffodil, and crocus last fall. They are blooming beautifully now. Do I need to fertilize them? When? How? With What? javascript:void(0)

Re: fertilizing bulbs - Trollskogen - 06-28-2009

I usually give them bone meal (that's what we call it here) when I plant them. Sometimes I will sprinkle a little around the area. I have also watered them occasionally with manure or nettle water as long as the leaves are green. But that isn't a rule actually. I have tulips that are 20 yrs old and I can't remember doing anything for them except one thing - I never cut off the leaves but let them wilt on their own. I also dead head the plants after blooming. That's two things. . . ha ha

Re: fertilizing bulbs - Sarina_S - 05-03-2010

I don't use fertilizer just after the flowers bloom. It's recommended to use fertilizer(any kind of) during Fall before placing the bulbs. Close contact with fertilizer will ruin the bulbs. But as Trollskogen said usually these flower plants don't need special care.

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