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peonies - gardenymph - 05-11-2009

Why do ants love peony buds? Anyone know?

Re: peonies - IntrepidMeredith - 05-11-2009

I think the buds secrete some kind of nectar that the ants are drinking. Everything that I've ever heard, however, says that the ants do no harm to the peonies while they're crawling on them.

Re: peonies - MDtibbies - 06-12-2009

I'm told that not only do the ants do no harm, they actually aid the plant in getting the buds to open.

Re: peonies - Pippi - 11-06-2009

Ditto to all of the above responses.

Re: peonies - Janet214 - 03-13-2010

Does anyone know if you can start your peonies in peat pots and then put them in the garden. I am creating new planting beds in my back yard and just a little behind due to the weather this year.

Re: peonies - IntrepidMeredith - 04-03-2010

If you can't plant them in the ground right away, then holding them over in nursery pots with potting soil is probably your best bet.

Re: peonies - gaileeh - 05-26-2010

Contraty to popular belief, the ants do not help open the buds, but they do like the secretions that the buds produce.

Re: peonies - Guest - 07-07-2010

Ants are attracted to the sweet resin exuded on the flower buds.Peonies cannot open until ants eat away the seal that keeps the buds closed.