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Wild Onion/Garlic - Zoiegir1 - 05-12-2009

I have Wild Onion/Garlic growing in my perennial flower bed. They are coming up mixed in with the flowers so spraying is not an option. Also when I try pulling them out (even when the ground is wet) they sanp off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Wild Onion/Garlic - Trollskogen - 06-13-2009

Beth Chatto uses Round Up on weeds among her perennials. With rubber gloves on, apply the weed killer to the strands with a small piece of towel soaked in the solution. It just might do the trick for you.

Re: Wild Onion/Garlic - StorageShedSmart - 04-13-2010

I think there is no other way for you to get rid of those wild onions/garlics but to pull them firmly from the base about one inch from the soil. if this is not possible because they will snap then use a shovel. Then relocate the soil where the weed is growing to make sure the roots and the bulbs are removed. If this is still not effective, you really have to relocate your flowers and to use a herbicide on your garden. but before doing this, try to ask from an expert what to use and how to use it.

Re: Wild Onion/Garlic - Sarina_S - 05-03-2010

This type of weed spreads by seeds, bulblets and bulbs. I always go for organic gardening. So, the organic way to remove this is using boiling water, salt and vinegar. But I'll recommend The first two because it is safe for all plants and pets.

organic gardening

RE: Wild Onion/Garlic - Kerney - 07-03-2018

Did anyone figure out a better way to get rid of wild onions? They manage to somehow get back into my garden year by year. I haven't used herbicides yet though, and I'd like to avoid that.