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LIZARDS IN GARDEN - pam131 - 06-29-2009


Re: LIZARDS IN GARDEN - IntrepidMeredith - 07-01-2009

OK. That's one I haven't heard before. I'll check with a herpetologist friend of mine and see what he has to say. My first assumption is that you'll need to try to attract critters that prey on lizards, but that may end up doing more harm than good. I'll get back to you...

Re: LIZARDS IN GARDEN - monieo - 07-01-2009

Are you talking about the lil gecco like guys that change color with whatever they are on? Cuz mine are great, i welcome them becuz they eat lots n lots of bugs. I have seen them catch crickets, spiders, and maybe you think it is them eating the tomatoes but they are feasting on other bugs that you havent noticed.

Re: LIZARDS IN GARDEN - IntrepidMeredith - 07-03-2009

monieo is correct. The vast majority of lizards eat insects, rather than veggies. Have you actually seen the lizards eating the tomatoes, or did you see the lizard and notice tomato damage nearby and assumed the one caused the other? Herbivorous (plant eating) lizards only live in the southern half of the United States. If you do live in the southern half of the U.S., and you have confirmed that the lizards, rather than insects, are the culprits, then contact your local County Extension Office for advice. You'll find their phone number in the blue pages of your local phone book. Good luck!

Re: LIZARDS IN GARDEN - Sarina_S - 05-03-2010

I knew that lizards are not veg. Rather, they are handy for pest control. My tomato garden was attacked by some tiny bugs last year. I think you should give a closer look at your garden.
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