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Dragonflowers - Rita_Mae - 08-15-2009

Help! Does anyone out there know how to (or even whether to) deadhead dragonflowers (Physostegia virginiana)?
Thank you,
... rita b

Re: Dragonflowers - Trollskogen - 08-16-2009

I don't have dragon flowers but from what I have read on the internet they spread by seeds as well as roots. If the spire is spent you could cut it off to limit the spread. Many perennials can be cut back for a second bloom. If that is what you are after it's worth a try. Doubtful that you will harm the plant if you do.

Re: Dragonflowers - Rita_Mae - 08-16-2009

Thank you, gardening friend. I guess my problem is that I'm not sure whether the spire is spent or ready to produce. Frustration!
... rita b

Re: Dragonflowers - Trollskogen - 08-16-2009

It seems from what I read that they bloom from July to October so perhaps you haven't seen the best of them yet!