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Cucumbers - circleo2009 - 01-20-2010

How much room is needed to grow a small patch of cucumbers and when is the right time to grow them?

Re: Cucumbers - IntrepidMeredith - 04-03-2010

You can start cucumbers indoors a few weeks before your last frost. Just make sure that they get plenty of light, and then spend about a week hardening off the seedlings before planting them out after your last frost. If you have a longer growing season, they can also be started outside after the last frost. Cucumbers can be trained to grow up a 4' trellis, thus requiring much less space than if you let them ramble across the ground. Growing them on a trellis will also make sure that the plants form long, straight fruits. If you grow cukes on the ground, you can plant 2 or 3 seedlings in a hill, and space your hills about 3' apart. Cukes grown on the ground will often form curvier fruits, and may have more problems from fungal diseases.

Re: Cucumbers - StorageShedSmart - 04-14-2010

The right time to plant them is before the last frost. You don't need a lot of space when you start planting cucumbers indoors. All you need are biodegradeable seedling pots that will ensure roots will not be damaged when you plant out the seedlings. When you plant seedlings outside the greenhouse, plant them 40 cm apart and 90 cm apart in between rows.If you're growing from seeds, sow 3 seeds 2.5 cm deep in each hole to ensure germination.

Re: Cucumbers - GreenGrower - 05-25-2010

It is commonly known that the bet time to plant is right before your last frost. Hope it helps.

Re: Cucumbers - Guest - 06-28-2010

If you plan to grow them on trellis or cage or some sort to take advantage of the vertical space in your garden.
Cucumbers are moderately heavy feeders and aren’t particular of drainage but a good drainage is preferred Sunlight requirements are average at least 6 hrs a day. The moisture retention of organic mulching is a bonus.
Cucumbers are not at all cold tolerant, so plant after the danger frost is well past.