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Favorite combinations - SWMOgardens - 01-30-2010

I love to combine Japanese maples and Hosta. Here's Crimson Queen and Blue Moon. Let's see some of your favorite combos.

[Image: 000_1197.jpg]

Re: Favorite combinations - SWMOgardens - 01-30-2010

Here's another one, Queen of the seas Hosta and Inazuma Japanese maple.

[Image: 100_3580.jpg]

Re: Favorite combinations - SWMOgardens - 02-10-2010

This combination of "Beni shichihenge" Japanese maple and the red Nandina berries looks striking in late fall.

[Image: 100_2847.jpg]

Re: Favorite combinations - SWMOgardens - 02-15-2010

I love Hosta and Liriope. I use variegated liriope all over my garden to tie everything together. (A little trick I learned from Garden Gate).
[Image: 100_3883.jpg]

Re: Favorite combinations - SWMOgardens - 02-18-2010

Another favorite of mine, is yellow and purple. Here Gold Standard Hosta and Palace Purple Coral Bells.

[Image: 100_2336.jpg]

Re: Favorite combinations - SWMOgardens - 02-24-2010

Here is another purple and yellow I like, it's Hosta "June" and "Palace purple" Coral Bells. Many times I add a Japanese painted fern to this mix, it's an outstanding trio.

[Image: 100_3612.jpg]

Re: Favorite combinations - SWMOgardens - 02-25-2010

Blue, purple and chartreuse is always a winner.

[Image: 100_3690.jpg]

Re: Favorite combinations - bobkerry - 06-14-2010

hey this combination is really awsome....i am loving it and it is the best one.....thanks for sharing

Re: Favorite combinations - Guest - 06-28-2010

You have a good result on your plant combination. Everything seems planned well. You got what people imagining about garden. I like it.