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Hardscaping - SWMOgardens - 02-10-2010

I feel this photo really shows the value of hardscaping in the garden. Want to have a seat?

[Image: 100_0847.jpg]

Re: Hardscaping - SWMOgardens - 02-10-2010

This garden room is "finished" with the decorating on the table.

[Image: 100_5147.jpg]

Re: Hardscaping - SWMOgardens - 02-15-2010

I really like more natural looking hardscaping. This antique concrete mushroom looks like it grew there.

[Image: 100_3536.jpg]

Re: Hardscaping - SWMOgardens - 02-25-2010

A turn in a path is a great spot for a nice garden ornament. One year a family of cardinals nested here, right at eye level.

[Image: 100_3585-1.jpg]