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Matching colors - SWMOgardens - 02-10-2010

When I combine plants, containers, and flowers in a setting, I try to match one color on each item. Here the green of the pot, the blue of the spruce, and the edge of the hosta all match for a very pleasing combination.

[Image: 100_3522.jpg]

Re: Matching colors - SWMOgardens - 02-10-2010

The white in the container, and the white edges of the hosta create a lovely combo.

[Image: 100_4317.jpg]

Re: Matching colors - SWMOgardens - 02-15-2010

The colors in the Eonymous make the Hosta stand out.

[Image: 100_4256.jpg]

Re: Matching colors - SWMOgardens - 02-17-2010

Because the June hosta is an offspring of Halcyon, the colors match beautifully.

[Image: 100_3536.jpg]

Re: Matching colors - SWMOgardens - 02-25-2010

For an outstanding hosta combination, match the trim color on one to the main color of the other. This is Kiwi gold star (left) and First frost (right).

[Image: 000_1108.jpg]