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Hidden surprises - SWMOgardens - 02-17-2010

I like to "hide" things in my garden, do you?

[Image: 100_4070.jpg]

Re: Hidden surprises - SWMOgardens - 02-20-2010

This pheasant family lives under the protective cover of the Japanese maple.
[Image: 100_3459.jpg]

Re: Hidden surprises - SWMOgardens - 02-25-2010

Sometimes I hide things in plain sight. (I actually put the frogs there to remind me not to step on this hosta).

[Image: 100_3613.jpg]

Re: Hidden surprises - StorageShedSmart - 04-05-2010

Well, I haven't tried to hide anything yet on my garden. I just like to hide or store unnecessary things inside my garden shed. But, I guess putting some surprises in my garden may not be a bad idea. I might try it later.