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seeds - Guest - 02-24-2010

Where can I but cheaper seeds?

Re: seeds - Flowerlinda - 03-07-2010

Check Walmart, Lowes, HomeDepot, local bazaars, garden club sales, online in catalogues, they will send you catalogues.
I save seed that are not hybrids( not viable more than one year). I get free seed from friends, garden club,from the wild(when not endangered). Also, join a seed saver club forum online and get free seeds.

Re: seeds - perma2009 - 03-08-2010

You can get them a local retail home improvement stores like Lowes but you can also check out your local nursery where they sell items for green roof materials and other gardening materials. They usually have a huge selection of what you need.

Re: seeds - Pippi - 03-29-2010

Some of the grocery stores has racks of flower and vegetable seeds for sale. Giant Food Store has Burpee seeds

Re: seeds - Ayla - 05-04-2010

Greetings All
IS anyone else as horrified as I am to know that there are huge comapanies like Monsanto and Novartis creating steril seed and genetically modifying everything they can. Putting patents on our GOD GIVEN natural seeds so we have to buy seeds every year. What this is doing to farmers and gardners is insane. Please get involved and petition for what few rights we have left.
Thanks for listening
Green Blessings

Re: seeds - bobkerry - 06-16-2010

hey u can get cheaper seeds anywhere bcause now a days as mentione dmost of the companies are trying to add extra chemicals in seeds which decrease their purity...this can be harmful for our seeds too....please try to save your seeds from any further danger