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Daisy-like weed - MLyle - 03-08-2010

Last fall I had some tall weeds with a little white daisy-like flower spring up everywhere. I thought they were pretty at first until I discovered the half inch seed had a little hook on the end that stuck to your clothes and were a nuisance to get off. Anyone know what this weed is?

Re: Daisy-like weed - Flowerlinda - 03-12-2010

Send a picture if possible of the weed to this website and I will look it up and help.

Re: Daisy-like weed - GreenGrower - 05-25-2010

I agree, a picture would help out greatly!

RE: Daisy-like weed - Weron - 04-25-2019

I like weed). If you know what I mean. It's good for stress and other mental health problems. Have you ever tried CBD products?

RE: Daisy-like weed - Smartgirl - 04-25-2019

Of all CBD products, I prefer cbd oil vape because it works most effectively against stress. Actually, the weed is really good for the body and helps to treat many nervous disorders. If you sometimes have problems with nerves or sleep, be sure to try CBD products.