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Gazebos in the garden - SWMOgardens - 03-17-2010

Gazebos are a wonderful addition to your garden. I like to make mine look like it is a part of the garden by using evergreens to blend the gazebo into my garden.

[Image: 100_2582.jpg]

[Image: 100_2587.jpg]

[Image: 100_2584.jpg]

Re: Gazebos in the garden - StorageShedSmart - 04-01-2010

Wow! You have a beautiful garden there! The gazebo really blends well with your garden and your green plants are marvelous. I'd love to have a garden like that.

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RE: Gazebos in the garden - BaoLai - 04-08-2019

How beautiful this Gazebo is looking and I cannot predict that they are so cheap. I always wanted to have it but I don’t know its actual name before so I am happy to know its full name and also the best points to get it on site. By the way thanks a lot for sharing this information because you don’t know I much it meant to me. Keep it up!