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What I love about gardening - SWMOgardens - 03-28-2010

I love it when wildlife loves my garden as much as I do. This Mallard is right next to my front walk.

[Image: 100_5770.jpg]

[Image: 100_5789.jpg]

Re: What I love about gardening - StorageShedSmart - 03-30-2010

I would love to see that in my garden too. For me, I love gardening because I can decide on what to put in it and be creative just like the plants and flowers I planted. Another is the garden storage shed I bought and put up. It's very functional and blends in with my garden.


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Re: What I love about gardening - Jaydee - 03-31-2010

The cool breeze that come to you and the joy in seeing new plants.

Re: What I love about gardening - bobkerry - 06-16-2010

hey amazing pictures...these are really great...i love same thinga bout gardeninga dn i think this is the best feature which do attract most of teh people...keep it up...

Re: What I love about gardening - SWMOgardens - 07-21-2010

This Mallard returned again this year and had 9 more babies, a total of 22!

[Image: 100_7228.jpg]

Re: What I love about gardening - nofeargardener - 04-19-2011

Those are some BEAUTIFUL pics, SWMO. Thanks for sharing them on the forums. For me, it's butterflies. Can't seem to get enough of them. One summer, my kids were out back playing. They each had a stick or a toy golf club in their hand. And as long as they stood perfectly still, the butterflies kept landing on the end of it. They'd fly away... then back again to the same spot. It was really something to watch. And the kids had a blast.

Re: What I love about gardening - 3Dlady - 04-19-2011

What great pictures....thanks for sharing them with us.

One of my favorite butterfly and bird attractions is my wisteria covered arbor. I have a small wren house in the tangled top portion of the arbor that gets new residents every Spring. Sight, smell and sound....the trifecta of Spring.

[Image: 100_0316.jpg]

Re: What I love about gardening - nofeargardener - 04-20-2011

WOW! That's a gorgeous wisteria! Make's me want to get one started. Are they difficult to grow? Looks like you may have it in a partially shaded area. Is that correct?

Re: What I love about gardening - 3Dlady - 04-20-2011

The wisteria has shade until about 9:30 a.m. in the summer. Full sun for about 5 hours after that time.
I originally planted the wisteria on lattice, attached to my deck. That was not a good idea. It grew so quickly that the weight of the wisteria became too heavy for the lattice. I built the arbor 5 years ago, cut the plant back severely, and transplanted it to the base of the new arbor.
It must not have minded being moved because it took off like crazy once it had room to roam. I root prune at the base of the vine every fall and keep new growth away from the detached garage guttering....other than that, no ongoing maintenance is required. The wisteria seems to like it's new home.

RE: What I love about gardening - michellerodri - 07-06-2019

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