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Plants for a very wet area - glenys - 09-11-2010

Our vegie garden has a spot where 3 other backyards converge and it is constantly soaking wet from the various sprinkler systems. Is there a plant(s) that would do well in such a location? It doesn't need to be a vegie. We use garden boxes because of limited space. Thank you.

Re: Plants for a very wet area - IntrepidMeredith - 09-12-2010

If the site is partly to mostly sunny, then try milkweed, New England asters, wild indigo, marsh marigold, shooting star, joe pye weed, prairie smoke, hibiscus, impatiens, blue flag (iris), blazing star/liatris, lobelia, monkey flower, monarda, phlox, Jacob's ladder, black-eyed susan/rudbeckia, compass plant, Solomon's plume, goldenrod, spiderwort, ironweed, Culver's root, some ferns, and a large number of trees and shrubs. Go to your local nursery to check which of these might be best suited for your cold and heat hardiness zones.

Re: Plants for a very wet area - glenys - 09-14-2010

Thanks for this - had no idea there were so many plants that could manage a soaking spot! It's mostly sunny so will check with our local nursery as you suggest.

Re: Plants for a very wet area - nofeargardener - 03-23-2011

And the common Ditch Lily would work nicely too. They love wet soil. And they're gorgeous!