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Japanese Beetle Control - ThePepperSeed - 12-31-2010

Any effective organic Japanese beetle control? these eat everything in my yard almost every summer.

Re: Japanese Beetle Control - IntrepidMeredith - 12-31-2010

Here's a link to a USDA pamphlet (PDF) on Managing the Japanese Beetle: A Homeowner's Handbook. It includes methods on how to survey the Japanese beetle population in your yard; chemical, cultural, biological and mechanical controls; and lists of plants that are more susceptible and more resistant to Japanese beetle feeding. One thing they do bring up is that the Japanese beetle is here to stay, so complete eradication will not be possible. Instead, homeowners should seek to manage these beetle populations while exerting minimal impact on their environment.

RE: Japanese Beetle Control - michellerodri - 08-07-2019

Japanese beetle is a big issue for people. It eats all the things in a Yard and it directly affects the production of thing and it is a great problem Hostsailor. The thing that we can do for the garden is to avoid the plants that attract them and also use some pests that can control them.