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Ugg...Slugs - auctionheir - 02-02-2011

I have been trying to rid my flower beds, garden and now even my LAWN of those slimy slugs...I've removed the wood mulch I thought was protecting them, they're still so thick. The pan of beer is also a joke, maybe works if you have a few on a plant or two. These crawl up and over the water pan I put under the cat's food dish *to keep the ants out* and still get in the food and back out. HELP!

Re: Ugg...Slugs - IntrepidMeredith - 02-03-2011

My four top suggestions:
1. Spread diatomaceous earth around the garden plants you want to protect. Made from the shells of microscopic sea life, this stuff will slice the slugs to bits as they try to slide over it.
2. Put a board on the grass/dirt. In the morning, flip it over and stomp on all the slugs you'll find clinging to its underside. If that's too gross, then you can pick them off & drown them in a bucket of water.
3. Try to attract as many birds to your yard as possible by putting out suet feeders and a bird bath. Alternatively, buy some chickens and let them loose in the yard. Frogs and turtles will eat slugs too.
4. Iron (III) phosphate can also be used as a molluscicide (slug killer). According to Wikipedia, it's non-toxic to pets and wildlife and has been approved for use on organic farms. I'm not familiar with this product, so you'll need to read the instructions and follow them carefully.
Copper is supposed to give them a shock, so I suppose you could install some copper edging to surround the garden, but you'd have to get rid of all the sluggos *in* the garden first, and it would likely be cost prohibitive.
Good luck!

Re: Ugg...Slugs - IntrepidMeredith - 02-03-2011

Here's a piece from Oregon State University about iron phosphate and slug eradication:

Re: Ugg...Slugs - auctionheir - 02-08-2011

Thanks, IntrepidMeredith! Right now, it's still about -15 garden planning is in full swing! Doubt I'll still have the momentum when I can use it ~

Re: Ugg...Slugs - jcline - 10-15-2011

I have had great luck with the brand "Sluggo" in my gardens. It is safe for people and pets. It attracts them...then they crawl off and die. It worked especially well in my lettuce bed this year. Being that I live in the slug capital of the USA ( Washington State ) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] , I am forever finding them. I have heard that for every "one" you see.... ten more live under the soil/leaves etc. It is a constant duty...but I stay attentive to it about every two weeks. It works well for me. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]