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ugly chain link fence - hampfam - 04-16-2012

Hello. My property is adjacent to a city little league field. They just came through and weed-wacked all the vegetation that offered privacy, including my 18 yr old grapevine, planted on my side. So sad. There were wild roses and bittersweet and the birds were happy. Any inexpensive ideas out there for me to cover this fence, but not permanently? Vegetation on the fence was only lush for 3 months (Maine climate), so I'm looking for clever camouflage or something artistic ?

Re: ugly chain link fence - nofeargardener - 04-24-2012

Hi! So sorry to hear that your grape vine was cut. I can understand why you might be a little bummed about that.

What about some sort of honeysuckle vine? They grow like mad, are almost indestructible, and require little maintenance. We've got one growing on our fence, and it does a good job of hiding the chain link. They do like to spread though, so if you have other things planted at the base of the fence, you'll need to be careful to keep the honeysuckle trimmed and away from those plants.

RE: ugly chain link fence - crystalbrincks - 08-29-2018

oh dear lord, this is horrible. I'm so sorry you faced this. I have an experience with honeysuckle vine and it's really strong and well-growing, can do fine in your garden