Turning my garden over today! YEAH!!!!!
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Nothing like the sound of a tiller waking the neighbors up! LOL! I have turned all my leaves into compost and it smells so earthy I can't wait to sink my toes in!I am expanding my garden this year to include herbs so if anyone has any tips I would love it! My garden consist of tomatoes;green peppers;green onions;sugar peas;squash;cucumbers;red onions;butternut squash.
I just can't wait to see them sprouting in the containers because I know it won't be long before I can go barefoot in my garden! Have a great day!
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Ooh, I have soil envy: mine's still frozen!

For herbs, if you don't mind a big reseeder, try borage. It grows very easily from seed (probably the way you'll have to buy it), it attracts bees like crazy (a good companion plant for those cukes and squash), and the star-shaped true blue flowers can be crystalized to put on cakes or eaten raw with the young leaves (they taste cucumberish and are very good in salads). When they start getting too big (up to 3' tall) and/or raggedy looking, just pull them up. If you let them go to seed, you'll probably be able to get two crops in one year.

Also, basil grows well (and tastes good!) with tomatoes and green peppers, tomatoes also like chives and parsley, and onion likes to grow with summer savory and chamomile. Thyme and sage are also pretty easy to grow and are perennials to boot (just trim them back by about 1/2 in early spring).

Best of luck and yummy eating!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!

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