bareroot plants
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Has anyone ordered bareroot plants from a catalog? I usually order from Bluestone or purchase live plants from local nurseries. Was wondering about advantages/ disadvantages of ordering and planting vs. live planting.
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I've ordered bareroot roses and they have done just fine. Some stuff like poppies, peonies and iris are almost always shipped bare root. Fibrous rooted plants aren't as easy to shipe this way because those fine roots dry out so quickly. Whatever you get, it should be packed in something to hold moisture while it's in the box. It usually works best to pot the plants up for a few weeks until it starts growing and then put it in the ground. What plants are you ordering? and from whom?
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I ordered some bareroot plants year before last from Springhill Nursery. I ordered daisies, liatris, and a few others.
I ordered a few bareroot plants from Spring Hill Nursery year before last. They were fine and the folks were nice.

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