Bar Soap to keep deer away from specific plants
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I use very fragrant deodorant bar soap (Zest). Drill a hole in the bar and thread twine through the hole and tie a loop. I hang bars of this soap in my hosta gardens every 8 feet or so. I have a shrub rose the deer liked, so I hung the soap right in the bush and they left it alone. Again I say this is just ANOTHER way to deter the deer. I use a variety of things to hopefully confuse them.
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Let me share more deer repellent stuff.
It is "scarecrow sprinkler" the humane way to keep away deer.When the Scarecrow detects a deer it instantly releases a short but startling burst of water. The sudden spray of water and the movement and noise of the sprinkler scares animals away. Animals associate this negative experience with the area and avoid your yard in the future.
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