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A friend sent me some of her Iris Rhizones that she dug from her garden, but we have had rain for last few days and the ground is saturated. I need to know if there is some way I can keep these Iris until the ground dries up so I can plant them? Can I plant them in nursery pots in potting mix until I can get them into the flowerbed. I've seen photos of her gardens and I don't want to lose these. What about peat or spagnum moss to hold them over?
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Best way to start them this late is in nursery pots of potting soil, with Iris Rhizones deep enough to cover the rhizones but slightly under the soil. Water well, put outside in a protected area, water or let rain on. If you leave them in the pot a few weeks until it warms up more and then plant them they will do better. Either way they will not bloom this year as they are suppose to be planted in the fall.

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