My Mom passed away and when we sold her house, the woman who bought it was kind enough to allow me to take cuttings from the huge bush in the backyard. (My Mom always called it a "Beauty Bush". It's quite sentimental because one of my older brothers bought it for her for Mother's Day over 50 years ago.) Anyway, I took cuttings yesterday. I coated the stems with a rooting hormone and stuck them into a 50/50 mix of perlite and sphagmum peat moss. The cuttings are sitting in my window that gets a lot of sun. I'm a real gardening novice (that's putting it nicely!) so I'm asking the more experienced folks...am I on the right track? And if so, how long do I leave them like this before I check to see if they've gotten roots. (I live in the NE and it's still gets chilly at night.)
Thanks for any help you can give me!!
PS - She did say I could come back for more cuttings if I've really botched this up!!

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I'v not had much time spent on propagation, but I believe that to do so successfully you need to take cuttings certain times of the year. Like the butterfly bush for example take cuttings in spring and summer. They also say that not to put them into soil only, but to have a sand mixture with the soil, or sand it's self. Keep moist. If you see that you have tiny buds starting to appear on the stem, then I would say you have roots starting.

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Thank you so much!! Now at least I have an idea what to look for to see if it's working. (Now you know I'm a real novice!)
Beauty Bush cuttings

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