that seems to make this forum so attracive to these idiots that have been posting lately?

  What is it KimmSr that seems to make t...
That's a good question. We can't figure it out, either. I do check the forum every workday morning and get rid of any off topic postings by banning those e-mail addresses from future postings. Unfortunately, they find other addresses to send from. But I'll keep deleting them as long as they show up.

  Re: What is it KimmSR, That's a go...
I appreciate your good work.

  Re: What is it LARRYR Sherri,[br]I appreci...
We may need a phsycoanalyst to determine what perverse pleasure these idiots get posting that drivel.
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  Re: What is it KimmSr We may need a phsyco...
Unfortunately, I don't think they are actually people necessarily. I've seen this sort of thing happen in several forums that I belong to. Usually this happens with "bots". "Bots" are like spam in your email and they can come from several places. It's more likely that these are coming internally from the forum host's server. Not Garden Gate but whoever is hosting the site that the forum comes from. All you can do about it is to keep deleting the stuff and cutting them off. (Which you are already doing)
What is it

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