How can you elimate Lambs Ear? I have tried digging up and more seems to appear. Also tried Round Up. It is very invasive. :confused:

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Have you tried to spray the area with an herbicide? Block out or cover all surrounding areas and then spray (no wind day). You can replant the area with in a week. Good luck. Smile

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Lamb's ear will self sow freely where it's happy (which, accoring to some friends, is almost anywhere!), so even if you pull up the original plants, you may continue to get seedlings sprouting for quite a while -- perhaps even years. As with weed seeds, every time you turn your soil new lamb's ears seeds will be brought to the surface and start germinating. If you don't want to use Roundup, you can turn over your soil, wait 2 weeks, then pull the unwanted plants out. Then turn the soil again, wait another two weeks, and pull the plants again... Do this a few times, and you should get most of the unwanted plants out of your soil. After planting what you want in that spot, be sure to mulch well. This will also help to discourage new seeds from sprouting.

If you want to experiment, if you have a sunflower seed bird feeder, you can scoop up the discarded sunflower hulls from the ground under the feeder & spread them over the area where the lamb's ears are sprouting. Sunflower seed hulls have a chemical in them that discourages other seeds from sprouting, and so may reduce the rate at which the new lamb's ears plants are popping up. Of course, you'll only want to do this if you're putting already established plants in the groud there, not if you're starting your own new plants there from seed.
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