This is not in reply to Black Eyed Susan, one of my favs, but rather a question regarding non stop begonias. I don't know what is the procedure for wintering over the rhizomes. Can anyone help? Also since I am new to this, I don't know how to pose a question on a new subject. :* ) Help !!!!!!!! Nan

  Over wintering begonias nan325 This is not in reply...
Hey, Nan. Welcome to the Garden Gate forums! My garden book says that, for tuberous begonias, wait until the foliage has yellowed, then dig up the plant and store the tuber, still covered with dirt, in a cool, dry place away from frost. In February or March pot them back up so they can begin their growth for the new growing season. I have some wax begonias, and those you can just pot up before a frost hits and bring indoors for the winter -- just be sure you're not bringing in any bugs with them! I only need a couple of plants, because in the middle of winter I'll take cuttings that will supply me with all the new plants I could ever need for the new season.
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Over wintering begonias

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