I have been trying for four years to get our English Ivy to climb a six foot cement wall. It seems to grow up about two feet and simply falls. In the summer it is lush, green and healthy but just doesn't want to cling. I thought ivy would adhere to practically anything!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you.

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I had the same problem as far as getting it to grow up and not out - what I ended up doing was drilling a couple of screws along the top and bottom and then tied a thin string from one screw to the other and then wrapped several strands around the different bounds of string-- now it grows into up the cement wall itself-- for some reason it wouldn't get the princkers on it to grow on the wall!

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Thank you very much Jaimie, I will try that in the Spring.
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Not all English Ivys climb so it may be what you have planted. You may also have to give is some help. Maybe some chicken wire or garden twine to hold it in place until it has a chance to attach itself. Also, is it a light color cement in an area with no protection and lots of sun? Depending on your zone, this could also be affecting it as well. And to give my two cents, English Ivy though beautiful is very invasive especially if you live below zone 5. If you do let it get to a vertical 5 feet it will hit maturity and go to seed which can be spread by hungry birds and you and your neighbors may start finding it every where! You may want to rethink your decision there are lots of beautiful vines from which to choose.

Happy gardening,
Northeastern Massachusetts

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As a matter of fact, Gardenymph, it is a light colored cement in an area of no protection and it gets constant sun. Since I have few neighbors to worry about I,m going to try again this year to get it to grow up instead of out.I,ll try the string idea and if that fails, the chicken wire.
Thank you very much.
English Ivy

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