I live and garden in a woods and wetland area that have DEER strolling through mornings and evenings. In the Winter they have free reign over the property. BUT come April I start marking MY territory. I put my urine(full strength) in a pump sprayer. I spray all paths, tree trunks, stones etc.(not the plants)around MY GARDENS. I do this ALL Spring and Summer. I reapply once monthly unless we have alot of rain then I spray more often. I also plant all extra common hostas, common ditch daylillies and other extra plants down by the creek and in the woods. Trying to give them a buffet AWAY FROM MY GARDENS. Knock on wood, something is working for now. I hope this helps someone that has the same problems I have...BUNNIES and DEER.

  URINE to keep the deer out of MY territory Lark I live and garden in...
Thanks for the tip Lark! I have moose too. No stopping them though they're big critters.
URINE to keep the deer out of MY territory

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