I purchased two verrigated willow bushes last July (Hakuro Nishiki) :confused. After being planted for a week, they lost their white color, and became green. This spring, they appear green as well. How can I get them to be white again?

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You can do a web search on "Hakuro Nishiki willow" and get a number of websites to check out. After glancing through a few of them, it sounds like the variegation is primarily in the younger leaves, so pruning the shrub back by about 1/3 in the spring is recommended. However one site also indicated that the new growth starts off green, then acquires it's variegation after leafing out. A third person in Zone 4 or 5 commented that her bush tends to lose its variegation after a harsh winter. It sounds like Hakuro Nishiki may lose its variegation in response to stress? So maybe the loss last summer was due to transplant shock? See if the shrub changes its color as the summer progresses. If not, then give it a trim next spring (and hope for a better winter weather). Perusing some of the other websites may turn up some useful information, too. Good luck -- it sounds like a great bush!
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Thanks for the advise, I believe that you were correct, the shock caused the lack of color change. The leaves did turn a beautiful white and pink color for about three weeks as they bloomed. They are now paling off, so I will trim them by 1/3. I am noticing that young, new growth at the base of the bush is very white. Will keep you "posted"
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