Can you please suggest some grasses that are good for growing in containers? I would prefer grasses of medium height that are somewhat showy. I live in Zone 6 and understand I need to go up (back?) two zone levels if I want my grasses to survive the winter in the pots. (My neighbor has lost grasses the past three winters and we have been told we need grasses that are hardier. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Well if you want your container grass to survive in winter you need to choose two level lower grass. I mean, as you are in zone 6, you have to choose grass suitable for zone four. You may go for big blue stem, blue oat grass, June grass.

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Thank Sarina S. I will look into your suggestions for hardy ornamental grasses.
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I use grasses in a lot of my containers. Dwarf fountain grass and Mexican feather grass are two reliable varieties for my zone 5.
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I have had great luck with New Zealand Hair Carex's. They gave me a profusion of honey-copper blades that moved gracefully in the winds and caught the sunlight beautifully. I have since moved them from their containers to a front yard perennial bed. I plan to buy two more for pots on my back patio next spring. They are very hardy... and I have found I do not need prune them back come planting season. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
If you want to choose grasses for containers then you keep in mind that cool season grasses will grow and bloom earlier in the season. The grass will fail if is fertilized.
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