A friend gave me this "cute" little chameleon plant to add color to my garden. Not knowing that it is extremely invasive, I went ahead and planted it my garden. 3 years later I keep digging it up all over since it has spread like wild fire. Any help would be appreciated.

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I did the same mistake ten years ago. I sprayed Roundup. My gardening books didn't tell how much invasive it is. Whatever, I've dug up as much as I could and took help from others.

Hope this will help.

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Thanks for the info, I wish that the plant was labled as a ground cover, as it spreads extremely fast. I've been hesitant to use roundup as it kills just about anything growing in the general area.

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I also made the mistake of planting Chameleon plants some years ago. I had the perfect spot, a low-lying wet spot it the back corner of the yard, where most other things died. I planted a number of other semi-invasive water loving plants thinking they could all fight it out.
How to eradicate Chameleon Plant

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