Some of my clematis develop brown on the leaf margins each year and the leaf slowly completely turns brown. There are 2 varieties and one is pruned totally back to 4-6 inches each year and the other is a Nellie Mosier which is just shaped up in the spring. The new growth on each is fine and they bloom beautifully in the late spring. After blooming the brown edges start. I live in zone 5-6 and the summers can get really hot and dry. All of the plants are watered totally by a drip system (no overhead watering) and one grows on an obelisk under a light colored solar screen and the other on the side of a shed that only gets morning sun. We have had a lot of wind this year but both of these plants are somewhat protected from that. Any ideas? Would a picture of this condition help?
I have the same problems with my clematis. Any suggestions?

  Re: Clematis problems jmarymac I have the same prob...
It's difficult to know what might be happening to your clematis without more information. One possibility might be a disease called clematis wilt, but that more commonly strikes the plant immediately before it's ready to flower. Here is a link to the blog of the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College with some good info and photos that may help you determine if this is the problem with your clematis: http://blogs.scottarboretum.org/gardense...atis-wilt/
or this article from the University of Illinois Extension Office: http://hyg.ipm.illinois.edu/article.php?id=95
Good luck!
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Clematis problems

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